MS Mango Farm, LLC is dedicated to the production, processing, packaging and exporting of the GO MANGO fruit brand.  A combination of Puerto Ricoʼs oldest mango orchards and new growth, GO MANGO are cultivated on 550 acres and processed in privately owned facilities. MS Mango’s orchards are located in the beautiful Santa Isabel valley on Puerto Rico’s southern coast. This setting provides the perfect climatic and geographic conditions for growing the highest quality and best tasting mango varieties.

In the news…

GO MANGO is again at Fruit Logistica! Visit our booth and learn about our delicious products!

Did you know Mango is being called the ‘New Diabetes and Cancer Buster‘?[READ THE ARTICLE]

GO MANGO represented on Fruit Logistica 2023 in Berlin! [LEARN MORE]  

GO MANGO was featured on The Star for its presence in Fruit Logistica 2013! [LEARN MORE]


Did you know?

The mango is a symbol of love in India, and a basket of mangos is considered a gesture of friendship.